Come Visit Fun Philippines

What I Learned About The Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago of the weird and wonderful. The Filipinos are truly a fascinating people. Here are some quirks that can be observed from us.

1. Filipinos are crazy about karaoke

If you wonder how the Filipino house gathering looks like – well it always ends up being a karaoke time.

2. Filipinos buy stuff in small packaging

Instead of buying house utensils in extra large sizes, Filipinos buy stuff in small packaging day after day. See that instant coffee? Filipinos want to package that into per cup packages. It’s always best when all you have to do is pour the contents in the container.

3. The favorite Filipino sport is basketball

I don’t know how basketball became so popular in the Philippines, but Filipinos are very into playing it. Perhaps it’s because of the US influence in the Philippines, or maybe we just love playing with balls, and shooting things in a hole.

4. Filipinos bet on cock fights

The cock fights are a part of Filipino tradition and a favorite gathering place for men in lots of Filipino towns and villages.

5. Filipinos drink coconut wine

The coconut wine, called Tuba is made of coconut sap that naturally ferments into alcohol within 2 hours of harvesting.

6. Filipinos eat chicken fetus

One of the traditional dishes is actually a chicken fetus or the two weeks old, half-hatched chicken on egg.

7. Filipinos promote catholicism strongly

Filipinos are mostly Catholics and the presence of catholicism is super strong.

8. Filipinos’ noses often bleed

But not literally. When they run out of words in English or just find it hard to understand, they use the idiom “Nose bleed.”