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Things I Learned About The Philippines

Let’s look at some interesting facts I learned about the Philippines.

1. The Philippines is the text capital of the world. In 1995 the short message service was opened to the Philippines, which proved to be a useful substitute for telephone calls. At first, only the elderly and hearing impaired caught on. Since the service was free, it wasn’t long until the public enrolled as they saw a way to communicate freely without being charged.

When businesses caught on and saw how they were losing money, they soon charged one peso per text message sent.

Sent SMS still prove to be more economically affordable, the trend began to grow and spread. According to 2009 statistics, about 80% of the Philippines’ population was subscribed to the service. On average, about 1.39 billion messages were being sent daily. The country became known as the unofficial text capital of the world.

2. The flag of the Philippines has an adequate amount of symbolism behind it. Commonly referred to as three stars and a sun. It is adorned with a royal blue and a scarlet red band. Both of which are parallel to one another. The golden sun with 8 rays that protrude from the center symbolize the 8 initial groups of provinces when Spain conquered the country. The 3 stars represent the three major island groups in the Philippines.

3. Karaoke is a skillful pastime on which competitors and/or amateur singers sing along to recorded music using a handheld microphone. Lyrics are displayed on a screen along with changing colors and other visuals to help guide the singer along. To this day, a large number of Filipinos have this in common as a favorite pastime. Music from the 1960s such artists as The Beatles and Frank Sinatra have become favorites in the early days of karaoke. A Filipino named Roberto Del Rosario is credited with its invention in 1975, but this has been disputed by a Japanese musician named Daisuke Inoue.