Come Visit Fun Philippines

Philippine Volcanoes, Alternative Travel Destination

Traveling nowadays are becoming popular and even solo travellers are increasing. There are benefits of going solo and going by group. Whatever is your choice you have one goal to achieve and that is to explore the world you have not yet seen. When it’s your first time to travel surely you will go to your dream destination. After that you will yearn to travel again and will prepare for it. Traveling really brings new strength, another perspective, fun and enjoyment. It is a way you can be considered free.


If you are a seasoned beach traveller their will come a time that you will also look for other kind of adventures you want to try. Or while exploring beaches you also together want to see other tourist’s spots while you are in that area. If you travel to the Philippines and wandering what more you want to see then you go and visit the Philippine volcanoes. There are many volcanoes scattered in the Philippine islands whether active or dormant, small to big ones.


In the Island of North Luzon part of the Philippines lies the three well known volcanoes. They are Mount Mayon, Mount Pinatubo and the Taal volcano. There are fifty three active volcanoes located in the Philippines. Philippines is also part of the ring of fire in the Pacific. These volcanoes have also become tourists spots that are worthwhile to visit. Through the help of autocad you can recreate your travel to this volcanoes.