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Come and Experience One of the Philippines’ Pride: Flower Festival

Philippines is well-known because of the festivals or “fiestas” being celebrated at every part of the different regions in it. These festivals are being celebrated with different reasons such as commemorating local history and culture, promoting the community’s products, or to celebrate a bountiful harvest. Every part of the Philippines has its own famous festival wherein every year, people in each region prepare to celebrate and have some fun. This coming month of February, a very awaiting and famous event is the Panagbenga Festival or Flower Festival.

It’s a Kankanaey term meaning “a season of blossoming, a time for flowering”. It is an annual flower festival and even celebrated for a month in Baguio located in the northern part of Luzon.  Actually, the festival was created as a tribute to the city’s flowers and also a way to rise up from the city’s devastation in 1990 due to a great earthquake why not try here. A lot of people from different places in the Philippines even from other countries visit Baguio to watch different activities.

There’s also a trade fair and bazaar, parade and street dancing competition, grand float parade wherein various multicolored floats were made from flowers of every kind. Session road in bloom wherein the road will be closed and a lot of different stalls or outlets will be set up but you cannot find any  advertisement. Find this best travel agency here 台胞證辦理.  Finally, the closing ceremony with exhibitions are featured followed by fireworks display in the evening.