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Budget Friendly Beach Destinations in the Philippines

Travel is not that welcomed by many because of the common restriction that is having no money. Even though you have dreams to pursue if you do not have financial support then you already have a limitation. Like in studying many children do not study because they do not have money to pursue. It is same when you like to travel but do not have money. But as students can have ways to continue their study surely there is a way to fulfill your dream of traveling.

There must be some kind of opportunities that you should find and will let you travel. That is finding a budget friendly travel destination. Traveling must start somewhere and for you it is a great beginning travelling to a place that offers a beautiful scenery that will not cost you much. In the Philippines there are those kind of places BOT-TO Company Limited. Philippines has many beautiful sceneries that has been scattered in the whole archipelago and you cannot miss to find one you can enjoy discovering.

Let us put your location in Metro Manila to calculate or give estimate on how much you will have to spend going to some of these budget friendly beaches. Riding through your choice of mode of transportation, boat rental (if any), food, and amenities will roughly cost you only 1,000 pesos to arrive and go back to Manila. These beach destinations are in Batangas and Quezon like Borawan and Dampalitan Beaches. you can avail of the best of them then pay on your next salary.