Procedures for Document Attestation by UAE Embassy Philippines

It is undeniable that more and more Filipinos are now flying abroad to seek better employment opportunities. Skilled, unskilled and professionals also go overseas due to unemployment and underemployment situations in the country. That is why Philippines is termed as a labor exporting country.

Most Overseas Filipino Workers go to the Middle East. United Arab Emirates is one of the top OFW destinations in the world. In fact there are now more than 700,000 Filipinos working there which is almost 9% of the total UAE population.

If you are one of the Filipinos who want try their luck in a future in UAE, you should know that before you can work there you need to have a residence visa. There are some requirements to acquire a visa in the UAE and this includes your educational attainment certificate or a College Diploma. The UAE government has tightened its rules on how to acquire a visa. They now require Document Attestation by UAE Embassy and Department of Foreign Affairs Philippines for Certificates, Diplomas and Transcript of records.

Document Attestation UAE embassy

When I had my documents attested by the DFA, it was my school that processed all the work and all I had to do was to pick up the attested documents at the DFA in Oceana Complex, Macapagal Ave in Pasay City. So I only had to do the work for document attestation by UAE Embassy in the Philippines.

My mother told me that during her time, having your documents attested for UAE Embassy or just having it attested by DFA was bloody tedious. She said that you have to process your paper from your school to CHED then to Malacañang and then have your documents attested by DFA and lastly to the UAE Embassy. That has change now because most schools now process your DFA Red Ribbon Documents, of if not, you can have them processed in your school then CHED will do the rest of the work so you can just pick them up in DFA. Documents with Red Ribbons are ready to be attested in the UAE Embassy.

How do you get your documents attested by the UAE Embassy in the Philippines?

Before you have to hand-carry your papers to the Embassy of the UAE but due to the huge growth and still increasing number of people who go there just for attestation, the embassy has stopped entertaining walk-in applicants. Don’t worry, this is not bad news.

They have now simplified the procedure of having your diploma attested by the UAE Embassy. Instead of bringing your Diploma and TOR there, you can now just go to any DHL Express branch that offers WWWExpress services.


Procedures for Philippine Document Attestation by UAE Embassy

Authentication for Department of Foreign Affairs

  1. Have your documents attested by the DFA or the so called Red Ribbon Documents. You can do these by asking your school to prepare Certificate of True Copies (CTC) of your Diploma and Transcript of records for attestation and state that you are going to use them for employment abroad.  Some schools offer DFA attestation services and they will just give you a claim stub which has the release date of your paper.
  2. If your school does not offer the services for DFA attestation, you can hand carry your papers to the nearest Commission on Higher Education Branch but I recommend that you bring them to the main branch in UP Diliman if you are in Metro Manila.
  3. After submitting you CTC’S to CHED they will do the rest of the work for you and will give you a claim stub which indicates the release date of you documents. You can then pick-up your DFA attested document in DFA Oceana Complex in Macapagal Avenue.


Document Attestation by UAE Embassy in the Philippines

Document Attestation by UAE Embassy

After having your diploma and TOR authenticated or attested by the DFA, your documents are now ready for UAE Embassy Attestation.

    1. Now all you have to do is go to the nearest DHL Worldwide Express branch, and make sure that the DHL branch offers WWWExpress services because not all DHL counters offer these services. Then tell the on-duty personnel that you want your documents to be authenticated or attested by the UAE Embassy.
    2. When I had my documents authenticated, I paid P2, 254. The P1, 700 is the fee for the UAE Embassy authentication, P350 for courier services, P100 for insurance, P50 for the Manager’s cheque and P54 for the VAT. I took a picture of the break down posted in DHL Worldwide Express branch in SM Pampanga. I am not sure if the same rates apply to other places.
    3. The processing time for the documents is 5 to 7 working days. The staff also asked me if I would like my documents shipped directly to my address or I would like to personally pick up the papers at their branch. I chose the latter option since I thought that it is safer that way.

Last Note

If your documents were attested in the DFA from January 1, 2013 or onwards, make sure that you have its receipt. If not, the staff told me that you will have to bring an affidavit of loss of the receipt since it is now a requirement for the attestation by the UAE Embassy.

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158 Responses to “ “Procedures for Document Attestation by UAE Embassy Philippines”

  1. yhenbarron says:

    Good thing embassy(s) are really finding and making ways to make everything easier for us.

  2. Ganessa says:

    I was thinking processing papers in UAE is difficult, not until I read your post. :-)

  3. sef tiburcio says:

    best information to be released. it will be easier for new OFW to process things going to UAE. very informative.:)

  4. Roch says:

    Before even knowing the procedures on documentation, the first question is whether it’s easy or hard to find a job in UAE for Filipinos. What are the chances?

  5. Wanderer Juan says:

    This is a great guide for readers who want to work in the UAE.

  6. papaleng says:

    Helpful onfo for those desiring to work in UAE. Pass na ako rito.

  7. Franc Ramon says:

    Dubai has been a popular destination now. This would really help those aspiring to visit UAE.

  8. Janine says:

    You are lucky that your school helped you to process your papers. What school you’re in by the way?

  9. Sarah says:

    This is a great help to those who wanted to work in UAE.

  10. jane says:

    great information for those who needed this!! My husband been to dubai last week and he said all he can see most are filipinos and filipinos stores hehe

  11. lovemindanao says:

    wow, this is one of the reasons i dont want to work abroad ,,,, too many papers to work on . but atleast now there is an “easier” way to have your documents esp. the school credentials attested ..This is a good tip :D

  12. Pal Raine says:

    I know about this since my cousins live in UAE. Thankful now because they can process their papers so quickly.

  13. Thank you for this great post. I’m sure that this blog post will help many of our countrymen in their employment for UAE.

  14. lily says:

    Some of my colleagues are now working in UAE. It’s safer there than Saudi, I think? :p

    I am just quite unsure if they went thru this process too. Thanks for sharing. At least now I have an idea what to do if ever I’ll work there in the foreseeable future. :)

  15. RM Nisperos says:

    I know a friend who knows this by heart. Its nice that there is a online-guide for these thing. Who knows, maybe tommorrow I would be leaving for UAE.. Thank man!

  16. This is definitely a helpful guide for those wanting to visit or even work in UAE. I’ll forward any friend or acquaintance here ;)

  17. BON says:

    nice one, helpful procedure! malaking tulong to para sa mga nagbabalak mag abroad, dapat bago sila lumabas ng pilipinas mayron na sila nito. mahalaga talaga kasi! =)

  18. DARWIN CAYANAN says:

    Good Day Sir/Mam: need your suggestion, as of now nasa Dubai ako, hawak ko po ang Original Diploma ko and Original na (TOC)Transcript of Records hindi pa sila Authenticated/ Red Ribbon, Ano po pwede kong gawin?

    • DARWIN CAYANAN says:

      sorry TOR pala thanks

    • Hi Darwin. You mean kahit RED RIBBON wala pa?
      What you need is to ask someone get a Certified True Copy of your TOR and Diploma, check if your school offers DFA authentication processing. If not, try asking in WWWExpress DHL if they offer one-stop red-ribbon processing.

      In case you already have your papers authenticated/Red ribbon, you can just send your authenticated papers back home and ask a friend have your papers attestd in any DHL WWWExpress branch.

      • Jomar Catangay says:

        Sir ask ko lang, until when valid for attestation by UAE Embassy sa Philippines ang authenticated(w/ Red Ribbon)na Diploma and TOR. Yung sa akin kasi year 2007 pa authenticated ng DFA. Pwede pa kaya to? Thanks!

      • Aris says:

        Hi John Paul,

        Thank you for posting this! Such a big help. I have to send back my red ribbon documents to the Philippines so that one of my friends can bring it in any DHL WWWExpress branch for UAE Embassy Attestation. By any chance, would you know if DHL would allow for my friend to do the process on my behalf or are they strict and do they need some sort of authorization from me? Big thanks in advance for the reply (“,)

      • Hi Aris! You’re welcome! Yes they allow other people to do the processing. :)

      • Aris says:

        wow! ang bilis ng reply! nakaka-impress ka naman (“,) sobra akong natutuwa sayo sana maging friend kita haha since we’re both from Pampanga hehe (“,)

      • Nagkataon lang na online :)
        Pwede naman syempre.

      • Aris says:

        sige sige follow kita sa Twitter? haha :p

      • lyn says:

        Sir, Is there a validity period for the UAE embassy attestation.
        I already have the red ribbon however I was not able to have it attested. I am not well informed about the attestation thing. last march2013 po nprocess un red ribbon, Is it ok na ipabalik ko po sa ph para ipaprocess n lng ulit sa DHL.
        Salamat po.

  19. Jen says:

    THANK YOU for people like you sharing their experiences and knowledge about these things. VERY helpful and informative. Salamat!

  20. arturo reyes says:

    Sir John,

    ask ko sna kung saan sa Pilipinas na pwede magpa Arabic translation ng already education attested documents, require ksi ng Abu Dhabi company na ina-applayan ko.

    Many Thanks & More Power!,

  21. Anne says:

    Thanks John for these useful information. Just what I exactly needed. Just to clarify, they only need educational certificates i.e diploma and TOR? And not anymore employment certificates?

    Im from Cebu and worried that I need to go pa to the UAE consulate to have these certificates attested. So, to reconfirm DHL express na bahala lahat to go to the embassy?

    • Hello Anne.
      Yes, sa DHL WWWExpress lang, wala ka nang ibang gagawin nun but to wait for 1 week. Then pwede mo ipadeliver or ipickup.
      About the Employment certificates, ang alam ko kahit di mo na sila ipa authenticate, depends on your company.

      • macky fernandez says:

        Sir nka Ribbon na po T.o.r . Diploma at form 137 at diploma ko nang High school .. Gaano po ktgal ang processing timed nang pagpapa UAE Stamps ?

  22. Valiant Manalo says:

    Sir john.. naka-red ribbon na and documents ko and my uae stamp.. lahat yun naasikaso ko before i went here sa dubai.. sabi nung company na maghihire sa akin need ko pa daw attestation.. di un na nga ung “uae stamp” tama ba?

    • Hi Valiant,

      If nakapagpaattest ka na ng documents sa UAE Embassy in the Philippines, what you need to do now is to have your papers attested sa Ministry of Foreign Affairs sa UAE. I think its costs 120aed. Yung UAE Embassy stamp ang requirement nila para iaattest ang mga papel mo.

      • Valiant Manalo says:

        Sir John,
        Nagpunta ako kahapon sa Ministry of Foreign Affairs ng UAE dito sa Dubai. Dun pla po yun located sa Burjuman. Sa Burjuman metro station po ako galing then naglakad lang ako papunta du. Siguro 5mins andun na ako sa office nila.. My pila na kagad para sa babae at lalake as early as 7am. Pro since Ramadan ngayon, past 8am na sila nagstart magpapasok sa loob. Ewan ko kung yun nga ba ang reason pro matagal kami nagintay sa labas. Upon entry, dumaan ako sa security check. So I suggest dun sa mga pupunta dun eh wag nang magdala ng kung ano ano na hindi naman talaga importante para hindi na maabala. Then, kumuha lang ako ng number kasi may queuing system sila dun. Then pipila pra magbayad. 160aed yung hiningi nila. Naupo lang ako after nun and inintay tawagin yung number ko. Nung tinawag na yung number ko, lumapit lang ako dun sa table nila and nilagyan ng stamp/sticker yung document ko, pinirmahan nila, then tinatakan nila. Madali lang yung process. Wala na sila tinanong. I’ll try to post po yung picture nung attestation ng document ko..

      • macky says:

        Sir merun po na po akong ribbon nang TOR Diploma College at form 137 dilpoma nang highschool at nbi .. magkanu po pa uae stamps ang mga toh ?? – See more at:

  23. Anne says:

    Hello, I just came to know today that it actually takes longer pala to do all these things if you are from Cebu. I just got the claim stub from my university for the certified true copies of my diploma and TOR and it says the DFA release date. pag nakuha na pala ito that day sa DFA, CTC lang pala and not yet the one with Red Ribbon. DHL said that from that release date, we have to count pa 10-15 working days bago makuha ang docs with Red Ribbon. Is the DFA Authentication different from DFA na with red ribbon? I am confused now because after this, the doc need to be submitted pa to the UAE Embassy. I really thought na after ng CHED, they will send to Manila for DFA Red Ribbon na then DHL needs to claim it on my behalf during the release date and pay there the fees.

    • Anne says:

      Follow up to this comment, I checked again and clarified and now DHL said that pag kuha nila ng documents ko during DFA release date, may Red Ribbon na daw yun but then I still need to wait 10-15 more working days to pull out these documents on my behalf, sort, and have it shipped back to Cebu. wow, at ganoon ba talaga katagal? kaya nga DHL WWD Express kasi rush dapat. it is so frustrating! :(

      • Valiant Manalo says:

        Gnun nga ata katagal.. kaya nga ang plan ng parents ko eh puntahan nalang nila sa dfa kasi 30mins to 1hour lang daw eh makukuha na un then tsaka na lang namin ipapa-DHL for UAE Stamp.. then ship nila dito sa akin sa dubai.. sana lang tama yung move namin na yun.. sir john mas maganda ba yung ganun?

      • Hi. Di ko din sure pero ako since taga Pampanga lang ako, 7 working days lang, ok na.

  24. riza says:

    hi sir, I would like to ask if kelangan pang pumunta sa school registrar and ched if I have my original diploma and TOR. Can I go directly na sa dfa for the red ribbon? thank you

  25. Clariza says:

    Hi, i just want to clarify things. Sa dami ng nabasa ko im already confused.. I had my documents (diploma, tor) ribbon year 2008 and it has stamp of saudi now in dubai and my company wants my documents to be attested, my question is, will the uae in manila stamp it kht my stamp n xa ng ibang country? I think there’s no problem nman s date kc wala nmang expiration ang red ribbon, right?

  26. claire says:

    pag na stamp na sa uae embassy here,kailangan pa ba sa phil embassy uae na naman ipa stamp?

    • Hi Claire, pag may stamp na sa UAE Embassy Philippines attested na yung papel mo, ok na sya. Usually, companies requires applicants na ipa-attest yung UAE Embassy attested documents sa Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE.

  27. jenelyn says:

    hi po. just want to ask lang kc ung friend ko kkakuha lang ng redribbon papers nia TOR/diploma last June 2013. And this month ddlhin na nia sa DHL for UAE attestation and upon reading this kelngan ung resibo from DFA na nka attached dapat kaso hindi na nia makita ung resibo. Kelngan po ba tlga ung resibo? panu kung wala na? hnd na po ba mpprocess un for UAE attestation. Thank u po

    • Hi jenelyn,
      Nung ako yung UAE Embassy attestation sa DHL, ang sabi sakin, kaylangan na nang resibo for all red ribbon documents which were authenticated in the DFA from January 1, 2013 or onward, dapat daw may recibo.

  28. Jomar Catangay says:

    Sir, ask ko lang, tatanggapin pa rin ba for attestation sa UAE embassy sa Pinas yung diploma and TOR ko na authenticated ng DFA Phil year 2007 pa.

  29. virgilio pascual says:

    bakit ayaw tanggapin ng DHL ang naka red ribbon documents n nung 2011? may expiration din ba ang red ribbon docs?ang sabi nla dapat 2012 lang daw..bakit ganun..wala dito ang anak ko nsa ibang bansa..prang ang hrap nmn yata at uulitin mula s umpisa lht ng proseso eh urgent n pinapaattest s knya un..can anyone answer me?

    • virgilio pascual says:

      magssiisimula b ulit kumuha s skul ng certified true copies ng diploma at TOR ng anak ko o pede na ko dumiretso s DFA kc prang ipaparenew lang nman ang red ribbon nun dahil nga ayaw nila tumanggap ng 2011.pls answer me..ano b dpt nmin gwin, kelangan kc ng anak ko pra maprocess n yung working visa nya.

      • Clariza says:

        Qng year 2011 ung red ribbon nio po pwede nio po yan dalhin s dfa tas sabihin nio po renewal ng red ribbon. 4 years or less pwede p yan irenew, more than 4 years kelangan nio n magpabago lahat,kuha ulit s school tas s ched. Ang rush mu s dfa mkukuha dn kinabukasan, P200 ung payment,100 naman kapag regular lng, i think 3-4 days un den ipadala nio n thru DHL papuntang UAE embassy.

      • Clariza says:

        Qng year 2011 ung red ribbon nio po pwede nio po yan dalhin s dfa tas sabihin nio po renewal ng red ribbon. 4 years or less pwede p yan irenew, more than 4 years kelangan nio n magpabago lahat,kuha ulit s school tas s ched. Ang rush mu s dfa mkukuha dn kinabukasan, P200 ung payment,100 naman kapag regular lng, i think 3-4 days un den ipadala nio n thru DHL papuntang UAE embassy..

  30. blaise says:

    hi.ahm ask ko lang kasi ang papastamp ko dalawang documents,yun sa PRC at CHED one naba ang bayad dun?

  31. Cj says:


    Ask ko po sana if kailangan pa ba ulit magpa red ribbon ng documents? Kasi po, nag pared ribbon aq ng mga prc license, etc. last 2010, may expiration po ba yun?

    Kailangan pa po ba magparenew ng red ribbon s dfa ng prc license kasi nagrenew ulit aq ng prc last year 2011 or pde na po yung mga dfa dcouments ko ng year 2010?may expiration po ba ang red ribbon ng dfa?

    Thank you

  32. errol says:

    Dear sir,
    I send back to the phil. my high school diploma for CHED authentication,next step is for RED RIBBON @ DFA
    & lastly UAE embassy for stamp.How much should it cost.


    • Sorry pero di ko po sure kung magkano lahat kung mula dfa-uae embassy.

      • lea says:

        sir, ask ko lng po, dpat po ba lhat ng mg apply sa uae need po attested ang docs? or specific profession lng po? kc po ng apply po aq sa abu dhabi and on process po visa q according to my agency, pero ndi nman nila po aq hinanapan ng red ribbon docs.. executive asst. po inapyan q… hope to hear from u soon sir.. thank u and god bless

      • Hi Lea.
        Usually kaylangan your documents are attested, lalo na kung pupunta ka sa UAE para magTOURbaha. Red ribbon documents are accepted abroad kaya mas ok kung naka red ribbon or DFA authenticated yung papers mo. Yung pag-apply through agency, di ko sure yung process nila eh. Let’s see if we’ll hear from others na dumadalaw sa blog :)

      • lea says:

        thank u soooo much sir for the info.. god bless

      • lea says:

        kc po pla sir, sa isang recruitment agency po aq dito manila, bali na interview nrin po ang company at ntanggap aq, fit to work n rin po den waiting for visa nlng po, sabi ng agency 3 weeks to 1 month daw po un, eh ndi nman nila po aq hinanapan ng red ribbon, mga docs po kc ndi pa nka red ribbon, kc kaka galing q lng din po qatar at never nman po aq hinanapan. kia ng aask po aq if needed pa kung ndi nman aq hinanapan ng agency…thank u po

  33. Derrick says:

    Hi Cabalen,

    With regards to your last note about the receipt, do you get a receipt when you pick up your documents in DFA-Aseana? Is there an additional fee to be paid there?
    Im just wondering since I paid only P90 at CHED Region3 last week; they didn’t issue me a receipt, just a claim stub. Thank you!


  34. cherryl says:

    hi john, thanks for a lot of info..i just want to ask regarding sa dfa red ribbon ko actually 2010 pa sya and wala nang receipt, and your post really gives me hope na start lang ng jan 2013 they need na nila ng receipt,do you think di na nila ko hingan ng affidavit of loss ng receipt ko since 2010 pa namn un.napadala ko na kase from abu dhabi papunta jan sa pinas eh baka ibalik ng embassy because of that lack of receipt..if you could give a minute to read on this..please thank you!

  35. Jom says:

    Does this apply to the recently revised laws regarding procedures of acquiring visit visa from the UAE? I heard from a friend who recently flew to Abu-Dhabi that the visit visa lasts for 3 months if it came from the UAE and 1 month if it was issued in the Philippines. Is that true?

    Can you kindly reply back the complete required documents before leaving the Philippines? My target month to go back to Dubai is Dec/Jan. I was under residence visa & unfortunately it expired. Thank you.

  36. jaze says:

    hi sir, need your immediate feedback, it is still possible pa ba na ma stamp sa uae embassy ung red ribboned ko na school records,na processed ko eto nung septemer 12 2013, but i heared na 1 year lang ung allowed para ma stamp sa uae embassy.,

    • Hi, what I can recommend you to do is inquire in the nearest DHL WWWexpress. Usually SM branches have one. I can’t give you a definite answer now but I’ll try to ask tomorrow and create a FAQ post :)

      • jaze says:

        hi sir john, how about renewing red ribbon of my otr and diploma, it is still possible, para lang maging updated sya, kasi 2012 pa ung date ng red ribbon ko , i heard na hindi na ina accept ng uae embassy ang hindi updated, posibble ba ipa renew ung red ribbon sa dfa, kong pwede man, panu ung procces ulit, need ko po bang mag pa authenticate sa schook ko ulit or pwede na ung na red ribbon ko nuon., thanks john,

  37. Len Marty Bacani says:

    hi there.. sir can i ask which documents i need to have authenticated in UAE embassy? i have mu OTR/ Diploma, PRC license and certificate of passing authenticated in DFA. do i need to have them all authenticated in the UAE embassy?

  38. Kate says:

    Hi John,

    Sorry, I’m a bit confused so I had to seek your advice.
    I’m already here in UAE and my documents will be released from DFA this 4th of October, should I get it stamped from UAE Embassy Phil, or can I just do it here in UAE embassy Abu Dhabi?
    Appreciate your thoughts… thank you!

    • Hi Kate!
      If you are already there, you can ask someone to bring your docs to DHL and have your papers processed, but make sure it’s a WWWWExpress branch.

      We tried to process our papers in Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE but they said that we need to have out documents – Diploma and Transcript to be attested in the UAE Embassy in the Philippines first.

      • George says:

        Hi John Paul,

        Sorry I’m all new to this but what if the applicant is a high school grad, klangan din ba nya gawin same process or if not how can he secure his working visa in Dubai?

        I’ll appreciate your response, thanks!

  39. Jhen says:

    Hi. Thanks po for this. Great Help.
    Ask ko lang, nasa akin na kasi TOR at Diploma ko.
    Then, San ang first step?
    CHED, (yung sa UP Diliman) How to get there from Roosevel Station.

    Thanks! :)

  40. Jane Doe says:


    I know someone who is very much interested in finding a job in Dubai but he’s just a High School graduate. He enrolled in college but barely finished studies. Does he need to undergo same process w his high school documents?

  41. Minerva says:

    Hi John Paul, I already have the UAE attested documents ( TOR & diploma) Do you think it’s okay to put the documents inside my carry on or luggage? I’m worried about immigration at NAIA. Thanks.

  42. Khristen says:

    Hi John,

    I have my red ribbon of tor and diploma dated May 2012 and my new employer asked me to get a stamp from uae embassy, but im confused kase sbi nila my expiration dw ang certificate at hnd rin ako mabgyan ng sagot ng new employer ko,sbi nila kelangan nila yun for lifting my ban.

    Please help

  43. Mylene says:

    I had my docu red ribboned last May 14, 2009.., it means, it was four years and 5 months now. Can anyone help me if I could have it renewed from DFA or I still need to start all over again? I got a job offer and already signed a contract. But the company cant process my employment visa since I need my docu attested. I hope someone could answer my inquiry… Thanks.

  44. Mylene says:

    Another thing, I am out of the country, can my sister do it for me? Any requirements from DFA?

  45. kristel says:

    sir,sobrang helpful ng blog mo na to!all my questions are just starting to process my papers.thank you and more power

  46. jeanne says:

    hi John Paul,
    Thanks for the simple yet very informative blog..Marami ako pinagtanungan and nahilo lang ako haha..anyway,my mom who is already in Abu Dhabi told me to have my High School diploma attested pero sa Abu Dhabi din kc ako nkatapos ng High School and i red sa blog mo na pati pla NSO pinapa-attes but i don’t have one since i was born in Libya nmn..hope u can help me clear things up..thanks in advance..

  47. gela says:

    Sir JP,

    Meron na po ako red ribbon processed April 2013 but without UAE attestation ng Pinas. Possible pa kaya sya tatakan ng UAE embassy jan sa Pinas kahit more than 6 months na document ko? Or will I get a new red ribbon? Others are saying na if the red ribbon is more than 6 mos not valid na daw. Andito na kase ko sa Dubai ng malaman kong requirement pala ang UAE attestation from country of origin then saka pa tatatakan ng Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE.

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance.


  48. lorie says:

    tanong ko lang po…nakared ribbon na po ung diploma and transcript ko..pede po ba d2 nalang ung attestation ko sa abu dhabi…nagtry na po ako sa philippine embassy..meron po silang stamping then meron then pinapunta nila ako sa marina mall for infinity stamping…pede na po ba yon….

    • Hi.. Based on a friend’s experience, you really have to send your documents back in PH and have them attested through the DHL Express service. Then if your papers are already stamped by the UAE Embassy in PH, you can have them stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Yes you can do this in Marina Mall)

  49. Marco says:

    I just want to know if the UAE Embassy in Manila attest DFA authenticated documents 6 years ago? I have my documents (TOR and Diploma) red-ribbon and authenticated by DFA last 11th of July 2007, will UAE embassy still attest it? or do they require certain period validity of an authenticated document/s?

  50. Barry says:

    Hello ask lang po…

    Yugn document ko po nang TOR at diploma last 2006 pa po CTC na po… Puwede ko po ba yun gamitin para magpa red ribbon? Or need ko ulit kuha bago CTC nang diploma at TOR?

    Respond much appreciated…. GOD BLESS…..

  51. yurain says:

    Hi, is it true that the uae embassy will not attest red ribboned documents dated more than one year? I don’t understand why do I need to re authenticate transcripts, diplomas and board rating when these documents does not change or expire.

  52. marvin says:

    tor and diploma, counted as one document ba yon? o yung embassy fee nia dalawang 1700php? pano po ba yon?

  53. marvin says:

    Its me again po Sir. I just wanna ask , in submitting docs for aue embassy attestation, do i still need to attach the ORIGINAL COPY of my tor/diploma with the certified true Copy?

  54. You’ll be submitting the dfa authenticated or the red ribbon documents only.

  55. dg says:

    Hi Sir Jp,regarding sa process ng school namin sa manila sa mga documents ko for CAV paChed, required ba na sila magdala sa CHED to DFA or kahit ako nlang..d ba ako magkakaproblema pag nagpunta ako sa ched main..ang tagal kasi ng process pag skul ang nagdala e mga 15 working days pached and 2weeks daw sa dfa. PWEDI KAYA UNG AKO nlang and d kaya ako magkaproblem?complete naman ung mga docs ko nanabgay kona sa school wait ko nalang makuha ung mga CTC.

  56. prichel says:

    sir, andito po ako now sa dubai, d pa kasi na authenticate sa UAE embassy Philippines ang nka red ribbon kong cav documents. plan ko ibalik sa pinas ang papers ko at e paasikaso sa kapatid ko, ang problema nawala yong receipt ko. ano bang gagawin ko sir? pwede ba ang kapatid ko ang kukuha ng affidavit of loss on my bahalf? im looking forward on your reply, thanks ahead..

  57. kris jimenez says:

    Sir John,
    Good Day!

    regarding for my DFA / Red Ribbon documents, its already authenticated by Phil Embassy in AUH. ask ko lang po kc kelangan n daw ng Ministry of foreign affair here in abu dhabi na Authenticated din ng UAE Embassy in Manila yung documents ko, ok lang po b kung ipadala ko sa relatives ko sa manila yung docs ko para sila nalang mag asikaso sa UAE Embassy? meron po b mas mabilis na proseso from AUH to UAE Embassy in Manila, sobrang kelangan n kasi ng employer ko yung Docs ko dahil i-transfer nila ako sa ibang company,

    thanks and God Bless!

    • Hi. Pwede yun since ganun yung naging case ng girlfriend ko. About the expediting of the process, try mong ipadala sa mga uuwi ng Pinas na kakilala mo if meron para makatipid ka ng time.

      • kris jimenez says:


        pinadala na ng sister ko yung Doc’s ko with Phil embassy authenticate here in abu dhabi pero sabi nila not valid daw yun kasi daw dapat DFA manila ang mag authenticate, pero advise skin ng embahada dto sa embassy na tama ang procedure na ginawa ko, nag aksaya lang ako ng bayad sa embassy dto and wala clang kwenta mag advise :(

  58. Geleen says:

    Hi!! Nandito na ko sa UAE pero yung TOR and diploma ko na naka red ribbon na nasa pinas pa and kailangan kong ipa attest sa uae embassy in PH for the new company that I am joining. Yung dad ko nlng yung mag papa DHL. Kailangan ko pa bang mg send ng authorization letter or hindi na?

  59. abi says:

    hi, naka red ribbon na ang cav ko and i have it processed sa dhl. hindi ba ang dhl ang magpoprocess rin for the stamp dyan sa pinas? wala kasi advise ang dhl nung naginquire ako. may nagsastamp ba sa embassy natin dito sa dubai?

  60. abi says:

    folkow up question: or needed ba talaga na ipadala ulit sa pinas para dun lagyan ng stamp?

  61. bams says:

    hi sir john, thank u for the info.. ur blog is such a big help to me since i dont know the process how to attest my authenticated docs from dfa.
    God bless u..

  62. Nvet says:

    Wow alot of stuff to do for the redribbon thing.
    Hi Sir JP…first timer ako..tanong ko lang…my univ does the papers for the dfa but hanggang dun lang. I got confused do i still go to ched or dfa? Then after dfa to uae emb via dhl? Got 1wk before i can get papers for redribbon from my univ then how long from dfa to uae emb? My propspctv employr is asking how soon i can join their office. Hope u can help me out. Ty.

  63. Nvet says:

    Cool. So basically about 2 wks from univ to uae emb? Then i handcarry that to the mfa in abu dhabi?

  64. Vhangie Bumagat says:

    Hi John Paul. I heard nag red ribbon na daw ang DFA pampanga. Ok ba na dun nlng instead na sa manila pa ipa red ribbon? Pampanga is nearer kc I’m from nueva ecija. Pareho lng ba ung uae stamp sa uae attestation? Tnx a lot

  65. Funky says:

    Hi John,

    Maybe this has been repeated several times in this thread but I just want to confirm also for my own benefit. I have my Original NSO Marriage Certificate with annotation that is already nulled and void as well as a Certified true copy of the Court decision for the nullity of my previous marriage to my ex-husband.
    I am in Abu Dhabi btw. My questions are:

    1. Can I send these documents with my friend who is vacationing to Pinas soon and have her processed thru DHL both DFA Red Ribbon and authentication of the UAE embassy in the Philippines? Can DHL do both paperworks with DFA and UAE Embassy there and just have them send back to me to my return address in Abu Dhabi?

    2. Can my friend who is unrelated to me submit these documents to DHL without an authorization letter from me?

    3. What are other requirements besides the two documents I mentioned above for them to be red ribboned/authenticated?

    Thank you. I would appreciate your reply soon.

    • Hi.

      Yes you can send your docs with your friend and have them processed via DHL. Not sure withthe red ribbon though.

      Base on experience, Dhl does not require authorization letter.

  66. Vhangie Bumagat says:

    Hi again. Thanks for the reply. Nakuha na father ko ung authentication certificate knina pro my napansin aq dun sa baba. Nkalagay lng dun is “certification re:diploma”… tama ba un? Kc Naka attach nmn ksama ng diploma ang transcript of records. Bkit diploma lng nklgay?

  67. nvet says:

    hi sir JP! me i got everything done..i read somewhere here re visit visa…im direct hire but poea wants to have the stuff at polo ofc and polo told my employer (private company) that i should be under an agency before they can verify my contract (im a professional btw) so option is change my employment visa (yes i have that already) to visit visa instead! how uncool and hassle is that..anyway, if you could give me an insight on that..i was supposed to leave this week but they robbed me of that. i respect poea but why make things so hard when i already presented everything? just so frustrated.

  68. Raymond says:

    Sir napa UAE stamp ko n po ung red ribbon ko last 2years pa poh,,,kailangan ko pa poh ba ipa stamp ulet,,may expiration poh b UAE stamp?

  69. Nine says:

    Hi sir john paul, nasa uae na po ko, d ba pwede na from dhl dto tas straight na sa uae embassy?

  70. kosette says:

    I want to ask about my renewal of attested papers.
    My papers were attested 2003 as part of working abroad, as a nurse. I forwarded my papers back to Philippines for my family to process with 2 SPA letters as required from the Phil embassy here in UAE. No one of my friends and colleagues know about the processing. Where and how will my representative start after receiving my documents?
    thank you,

  71. Yurain says:


    I went to dhl and they asked for dfa receipt, problem is wala na sakin, di ko maalala na binalik sa aking yung receipt when i claimed my red ribbons. Now, sabi nung staff sakin, i can make affidavit of loss but still he’s not sure if tatanggapin ng uae.

    So do u know if tatanggapin ang affidavit or not. Has anybody experienced goin thru with the affidavit of loss? I don’t know what to do…

    Thank you

  72. Jhai says:

    Napaka.helpful po ng blog nyo sir john..kung sana nakita ko to before napasend ko dito sa uae yung redribbon papers ko..but without uae stamp pa..:( kailangan pa pala ng attestation from the uae embassy sa pinas..

    Wla na bang ibang paraan sir john na dito nlng sa uae ang attestation? Sinabi ko na sa employer ko ang nangyari, sabi nya pwede daw ako directly pupunta sa foreign affairs mag.aaksaya lang ako ng oras dun..

    Your reply will be super appreciated sir john..Salamat!:)

  73. Jhai says:

    Salamat po..ipapadala ko nlng to sa kung sinong uuwi ngayong buwan sa PH..para hindi masyadong magastos..:)

    God bless your kindness sir john!

  74. Juderlyn Bermil says:

    Hi, ask ko lang po, 2011 po kasi narequest from NSO ang birth certificate ng anak ko, pero February 10, 2014 lang po napa-red ribbon sa DFA. Pinapa-dhl ko po para sa stamping from UAE embassy sa PH, sabi nung agent sa dhl, baka daw i-refuse un dahil sa NSO na 2011 pa narequest. May chance po ba na madisapprove ang stamping?

  75. harold says:

    Hi sir..

    Im going to have my docs red ribbon this month..then my april ko pa xa ipapaatest sa uae..pero baka december pa ako makapunta ng uae..nd kaya maquestion n matagal ng attested ung docs ko.m

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